The art of nature

The Art of Nature captures the essence of Hotel Belmar's visionary hospitality. We see Art as the bridge between Nature's wild dance and human endeavor.


As a family-managed independent property, Hotel Belmar is an integral part of Costa Rica’s Monteverde community. It opened its doors in 1985, becoming only the second lodging option to be established in the region.

Over the years, Hotel Belmar has crafted an organic hospitality model rooted in eco-friendly practices and innovation.

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Regenerative dining

Hotel Belmar’s dining experience showcases the unmistakable flavors of ingredients harvested only instants ago. Menus pay homage to Costa Rica’s agrarian traditions, transforming the gifts from the land into balanced dishes of sustainable wellness.

This has been made possible by the adoption of the Biointensive Agrarian Method and its regenerative cycles. This eco-farming approach maximizes crop variety and yields on small-scale plots through water conservation, natural pest controls, and organic soil enrichment.

Green operations

Farm to table

Farm to table

Onsite gardens and Finca Madre Tierra provide fresh herbs, vegetables, shade-grown coffee, fresh artisanal cheese, free-range eggs, and seasonal favorites like avocado, guava, and more.

Garden to glass

Garden to glass

Hotel Belmar’s Mixology is a toast to life’s playful side. It showcases the unique creativity that only garden-fresh herbs, fruit, and grains can spark.

Table to Farm

Table to Farm

From your plate to the land! All dining residuals, including coffee grinds and eggshells, are collected to supplement animal feed and compost as nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Plastic free bar

Plastic free bar

Onsite juicing and local sourcing have also allowed us to run a bar that is virtually plastic-free.

Natural pest controls

Natural pest controls

Nature is wise and gives us non-toxic tools and methods to control the presence of unwanted guests in our lodge & accommodations.



In harmony with of our zero-waste commitment, our biodigester breaks down organic refuse to generate clean gas energy.

Environmentally friendly products

Environmentally friendly products

Our purchasing policies champion non-toxic biodegradable, soaps, detergents, and cosmetics to reduce water and air pollution.

Air drying facilities

Air drying facilities

Our laundry solarium helps us taper the use of electric dryers.


Hotel Belmar has crafted an organic hospitality model rooted in eco-friendly practices and innovation. It has pioneered programs that leverage the unique aspects of hospitality to further sound environmental stewardship, regeneration of the ecosystem, economic benefit to local communities, and cultural activities that promote diversity. Our long-standing commitment to sustainability has been duly recognized by established certification and awards programs.

  • 2011-2022 -Top Sustainability Rating in Costa Rica’s CST Program
  • 2019- Monteverde’s First Certified Carbon-Neutral Hotel
  • 2016-2023 -Top Blue Flag Recognition for Carbon Mitigation/Climate Change
  • 2022: Silver Award Winner WTM Latin America Sustainable Tourism Award


Sustainability Program

Proud members of
Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers all around the world, pack supplies and have an impact on public schools and local institutions that need it.

Save some space in your suitcase or shop at any local bookstore; this action will have an invaluable impact on the lives of children and local families.

for more information:

Pack for a Purpose

Make your trip
Carbon Negative!

In collaboration with the Monteverde Community Fund, we have created the "Offset Your Carbon Footprint" program. This initiative allows our guests to turn their trips into Carbon Negative experiences through the following steps:

🌱 Emissions Calculator
Use our emissions calculator to estimate the impact of your flights, ground transportation, and hotel stays. (At Hotel Belmar, we guarantee a carbon-neutral stay) Access the calculator here: Emissions Calculator.

🌱 Donation for Ecological Footprint Compensation
Based on your emissions, you can choose to donate to the Monteverde Community Fund. These donations support reforestation and tree protection efforts, capturing carbon and preserving biodiversity and water in the Bellbird Biological Corridor.

🌱 Hotel Belmar Donation Matching
Hotel Belmar will match your donation to the Monteverde Community Fund, making your trip Carbon Negative.

We invite you to join us in our sustainability efforts. Together, we can make a difference!

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Plastic Footprint
Offset Program

At Hotel Belmar, sustainability is more than a practice—it's a passion. Partnering with ECOHEROES, we’re on a mission to eliminate plastic waste from our oceans to protect the biodiversity and the resources that are essential to local livelihoods.Our Commitment:

🌱 Innovative Waste Reduction
We prioritize eco-packaging and bulk purchases, significantly minimizing our plastic usage. Our robust recycling and reuse programs have positioned us as leaders in responsible environmental stewardship.

🌱Community Empowerment
Through our collaboration with ECOHEROES, regional coastal communities are incentivized to collect plastic waste, which is then transformed into "plastic sand" for sustainable construction projects.
🌱 Environmental Impact
Every month, our efforts help repurpose approximately 18 pounds of unrecyclable plastic, turning it into durable “plastic cement” blocks that support long-term, sustainable infrastructure.

Why It Matters: By reducing plastic waste, we support local fisheries, enhance water quality, and promote ecological balance.

Your Role: Invest $100 or more in our Plastic Footprint Offset Program and receive a beautifully curated basket of artisanal products from Hotel Belmar. Your contribution helps fund these impactful initiatives, making a real difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

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Sweet Rewards!

To encourage sustainable travel, Hotel Belmar offers complimentary smoothies to guests who arrive by bicycle or electric vehicle. This initiative not only promotes eco-friendly transportation but also rewards guests for their efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

Electrify Us!
Guests who arrive by electric vehicle receive a 15% discount. It’s our way of saying thanks for helping us reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable travel.

Plastic Footprint Offset Program
Guests who invest $100 or more in the hotel's plastic footprint offset program are rewarded with a basket of artisanal products from Hotel Belmar. This program aims to reduce plastic waste and support local micro entrepreneurs.


Sustainable experiences

Monteverde is our home.  Our connection to this magnificent land runs deep and inspires us to craft experiences that prompt communion with our surroundings.  From forest-immersions at SAVIA to agro-adventures at Finca Madre Tierra, you will find engaging activities that bridge Nature’s wild dance and human endeavor.

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