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Extraordinary destinations are born from extraordinary dreams! The history of Hotel Belmar weaves a captivating tale of a family's life journey, ultimately leading to the enchanting haven that you're about to explore.

Our history

Founded in 1985, Hotel Belmar was inspired by a ten-year sojourn in Austria when then husband and wife Pedro Belmar and Vera Zeledón marveled at the centennial guesthouses that dot the Tirol region. Soon, their admiration sparked a hospitality dream that would one day recreate the charm of alpine chalets in Monteverde, a unique cloud forest destination in Costa Rica. Pedro & Vera’s return to Costa Rica led them to pioneer a hospitality project in Monteverde. Embracing the cozy spirit of alpine chalets and vibrant tropical flair, Hotel Belmar was born.  By late 1985 the Belmar family inaugurated their eponymous hotel as the second lodging option to operate in Monteverde.  

Their vision encompassed a model that held sustainability and social outreach at its core. Nearly four decades after opening its doors, Hotel Belmar has been a leader in the emergence of Monteverde as one of Costa Rica’s most beloved destinations. The hotel is a world-class example of eco-tourism that has protected and regenerated the cloud forest and its biodiversity while providing educational and professional opportunities to the local community.

Recently recognized as one of the best hotels in the world by Travel+Leisure magazine, Hotel Belmar fulfills the travel industry’s potential for excellence, sustainable growth, and transformative experiences.

Timeline highlights



The Belmar family inaugurates its eponymous hospitality project. Hotel Belmar becomes the second lodging option to open in Monteverde.



Construction expands with two more buildings


Finca Madre Tierra

A nearby extension of Hotel Belmar. Finca Madre Tierra is the center for our Circular Agriculture mantra and a key example of our commitment to regenerative travel.


Brewing Craft

The Belmar Tap Room & Beer Garden opens its doors. Featuring artisan beer, bar fare, and a welcoming space for chilling and enjoying live music. Expanded in 2020.


Carbon neutral

Hotel and Finca Madre Tierra achieve Carbon Neutral


artist residence

Bridges the creative spark, nature, and the travel experience. Art is engaged in a process that involves the hotel’s human talent, neighbors, and guests.


Savia Forest Immersion

The Savia Forest Immersion experience is launched as a unique adventure-with-purpose option. Revamped in 2022.

of excellence

Hotel Belmar has been awarded prestigious accolades for exceptional service and amenities. These awards acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our team and the unique brand of hospitality that they provide daily. We are particularly proud of being recognized for our exceptional customer service, luxurious accommodations, delicious organic dining options, and commitment to environmental stewardship. Guided by our "Art of Nature" philosophy, we are forever committed to welcoming our guests with outstanding, memorable, and regenerative hospitality.

Latest Awards


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Sustainability Commitment

As a family-managed independent property, Hotel Belmar is an integral part of the Monteverde community. Through the years, Hotel Belmar has crafted a positive model rooted in eco-friendly practices and innovation. We have pioneered programs like farm-to-table dining, circular agriculture, water conservation, integral waste management, and renewable energy.

Community outreach

Hotel Belmar has crafted an organic hospitality model rooted in eco-friendly practices and innovation. It has pioneered programs that leverage the unique aspects of hospitality to prompt economic spillover, professional development, community integration, and cultural activities that promote diversity.

About Our Home


Visiting Monteverde is the perfect experience for nature lovers, adventurers, and those seeking a peaceful getaway to a charming wonderland. There are numerous opportunities to explore its incredible wildlife, discover unique cultures, and enjoy a plethora of activities, including canopy tours, guided hikes, forest-immersions, and zip-lining. The beautiful cloud forest and its trails offer breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences that will color extraordinary memories.

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Sustainable experiences

Monteverde is our home.  Our connection to this magnificent land runs deep and inspires us to craft experiences that prompt communion with our surroundings.  From forest-immersions at SAVIA to agro-adventures at Finca Madre Tierra, you will find engaging activities that bridge Nature’s wild dance and human endeavor.

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