Healthy pleasures

Juice Bar + TEa room

Our Juice Bar & Tea Room is located in the main floor of the Chalet and offers a variety of natural, freshly squeezed, fruit and veggie juices as well as smoothies made with the best organic ingredients and super foods to boost your health.

A tray with a bowl of fruit and a cup of tea.
A man pouring a drink into a glass.

Liquid Wellness

Squeeze, press, blend, or brew! Join us in the Chalet and savor one of our colorful chilled beverages or hot infusions. Made on the spot, with colorful fruit, nutrient-rich veggies, and specialty herbs. From super-food smoothies to calming teas, visit before and after your daily Monteverde adventure.

Monday - Sunday
8:30 am to 6:00 pm
A table topped with plates of food and drinks.
A wooden table topped with vases filled with flowers.

Eat + Drink

The culinary arts must entice all senses!  We want to wow you with flavors, aromas, colors, textures, and sizzle.  Our cuisine and mixology are elevated by a caring selection of fresh, sustainable ingredients that pay homage to Costa Rica's agrarian traditions.

Eat + Drink experiences

Explore the art of flavor

We love it when our guests want to further delve in the culinary and mixology arts! Our selection of hands-on experiences let you fully enjoy and expand your foodie talents.  From hand-picking ingredients to crafting your signature blends or creations, these led activities will channel your inner Chef or Mixologist.