Cervecería Belmar

Let’s raise a toast to great beer, wine, cocktails, and casual dining delights!

A person sitting on a wooden dock holding a glass of beer.
Craft beers

Brewed in the Cloud Forest

Let’s raise a toast to great beer, wine, cocktails, and casual dining delights! Open to guests and visitors, Belmar’s Beer Garden & Tap Room welcomes all with onsite-crafted beer featuring natural fresh ingredients, including water from Monteverde's cloud forest natural springs. Expect a unique experience with not only local ales but also a seasonal beer list, including a Watermelon Ale and Nubosa Tropical Stout. Complemented by an excellent wine & cocktail list and a delicious offering of sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and other yummy bites.

*No reservation required.

Monday - Wednesday
12:00pm to 8:00pm
Thursday - Sunday
12:00 pm to 10:00 PM


The liveliest gatherings are the best!  Hotel Belmar’s pond-side Beer Garden & Tap Room sets the perfect stage for happenings that showcase musical talent and other art events.  Follow us on Instagram for the latest schedule of upcoming fun.

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Immerse yourself in a curated selection of world music that transcends boundaries and resonates with the beating heart of global cultures.

Cervecería Belmar
July 20, 2024
4:00 pm
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Eat + Drink

The culinary arts must entice all senses!  We want to wow you with flavors, aromas, colors, textures, and sizzle.  Our cuisine and mixology are elevated by a caring selection of fresh, sustainable ingredients that pay homage to Costa Rica's agrarian traditions.

Eat + Drink experiences

Explore the art of flavor

We love it when our guests want to further delve in the culinary and mixology arts! Our selection of hands-on experiences let you fully enjoy and expand your foodie talents.  From hand-picking ingredients to crafting your signature blends or creations, these led activities will channel your inner Chef or Mixologist.