Hotel Belmar


Alpine architecture features strokes of Costa Rican flair to create charming retreats that showcase the spectacular cloud forest backdrop. The hand-carved, locally crafted furnishings evoke the bespoke warmth of our hospitality while planet-friendly amenities strengthen our connection to the land. Explore our diverse selection of rooms and suites to find the ideal option for your special Monteverde getaway!

Chalet Rooms

Nestled within Hotel Belmar's classic Chalet Building, these lodgings are conveniently adjacent to the hotel's nature trail, embracing the serene landscapes of Monteverde.

Peninsula Rooms

Peninsula Rooms offer comfort with garden and Gulf of Nicoya views, situated conveniently in the main building near Celajes Restaurant and the Front Desk.

Nicoya Suites

The Nicoya Suites are the epitome of luxury, providing expansive layouts over 1000 ft² with panoramic views. Ideal for discerning travelers seeking exclusivity and premium amenities.

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