Eternally verdant, Monteverde inspires the travel dreams of sojourners with bucolic landscapes and earthbound lifestyles. Nestled among the clouds, at the intersection of Costa Rica's Pacific and Atlantic basins, Monteverde unveils a tapestry of mist, sunsets, rainbows, and dense forests of transcendent beauty.


As Costa Rica’s best-known highlands, Monteverde is a haven for nature lovers. Peaceful charm, serene landscapes, and a unique selection of experiences draw world-travelers who seek a regenerative getaway in full communion with our planet and the best elements of human nature.

1400-1600 m (4600 to 5250 ft)
53,05 km²
15°C (59°F) - 25°C (77°F)
Around 10,000


Monteverde is a world-renowned region in Costa Rica, boasts a stunning cloud forest. This unique ecosystem is shrouded in a mystical veil of gently descending mist and delicate fog, creating an almost magical, cool environment that remains lush year-round. As one of the planet's most pristine examples of this endangered ecosystem, Monteverde is home to more than 400 species of birds, 100 species of mammals, and 2500 species of plants. Visitors can explore the cloud forest on foot, with numerous trails and suspension bridges traversing the lush landscape for unparalleled views and photo-ops.

A true paradise for birding enthusiasts and orchid connoisseurs!


A symbol of freedom and wisdom, the Quetzal bird inspires the senses with its bewildering display of brilliant greens, blues, and reds. Mysterious and beautiful, it is a must-see for birdwatchers.

Community outreach

Hotel Belmar has crafted an organic hospitality model rooted in eco-friendly practices and innovation. It has pioneered programs that leverage the unique aspects of hospitality to prompt economic spillover, professional development, community integration, and cultural activities that promote diversity.

A wooden house with a balcony and lights on.


Hotel Belmar and Monteverde are intertwined by their common history, reverence of nature, and celebration of community. The hotel’s founding was inspired by the area’s quintessential beauty, becoming only the second lodging offered in the area. Through the years, Hotel Belmar has become iconic and one of the most beloved destinations in Costa Rica.  Its name is synonymous with commitment to sustainability, premium hospitality, support for diversity and inclusion, and innovation.  We are proud to hold Monteverde’s values and we are honored to share a vital leadership in championing projects that ensure the health and future of this special community.

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