Finca madre tierra

As Hotel Belmar’s complement, Finca Madre Tierra celebrates nature’s life essence and humankind’s potential for symbiosis with the land.

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Hotel Belmar’s green heart

As Costa Rica's first certified Carbon Neutral Farm, Finca Madre Tierra stands as a bastion of regenerative travel. Immerse yourself in circular agriculture and explore the rugged landscape on horseback. Organic produce, fresh dairy, and eco-friendly practices will marvel and delight the senses. For adventure-seekers, our humanely trained horses and bilingual guides ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through lush landscapes that uplift the soul.

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Biointensive Agrarian Method

The secret behind Belmar’s delicious dishes & beverages can be traced to the adoption of the Biointensive Agrarian Method. This eco-farming approach maximizes crop variety and yields on small-scale plots through water conservation, natural pest controls, and organic soil enrichment

Regenerative dining

Onsite vegetable gardens, the nearby Finca Madre Tierra, Restaurante Celajes, and the Belmar Brewery create the regenerative cycles that distinguish Hotel Belmar’s commitment to long-term sustainability. The first two provide fresh herbs, vegetables, shade-grown coffee, fresh artisanal cheese, free-range eggs, and seasonal favorites including avocado, guava, bananas, plantain, rose apples, malanga, and more. Farm-to-table at its finest!

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More sustainable experiences

Savia Forest Immersion

SAVIA engages raw nature, non-invasive architecture, and science to highlight the holistic connection between the human soul and the forest. Curated experiences are led by a team of professional Forest Mobility Experts in pursuit of an inspired purpose: To explore the forest’s layered wonders in a heightened state of amazement.Trails, gardens, platforms, zip-lines, rappels, suspension bridges, UV light, scientific research tools, and other surprise elements prompt participants to continually shift gears and perspective to kindle curiosity, adrenaline, and bliss.

Five unique thematic treks are offered to enjoy this experience, from early bird watching to nightfall expeditions. Some focus on scientific research, others on eco-adrenaline, others on slow-paced relaxation.