Monteverde • Costa Rica

The art of nature

Hotel Belmar captivates with a unique promise: to unveil nature's masterpieces through enchanting hospitality experiences. Monteverde is our wild canvas, our vibrant stage, and soulful inspiration.

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The Belmar Ethos

Embracing nature’s transformative energy

Hotel Belmar is a gateway to Costa Rica’s cloud forest wonderlands. As the 37-year flagship hotel of the Monteverde region, this family-owned destination charms with spirited hospitality, enchanting views, unforgettable eco-adventures, delightful cuisine, and regenerative sustainability. It caters to mindful travelers who embrace nature’s transformative energy and unique experiences that elevate travel as a conduit for holistic wellness.


Sustainable experiences

Monteverde is our home.  Our connection to this magnificent land runs deep and inspires us to craft experiences that prompt communion with our surroundings.  From forest-immersions at SAVIA to agro-adventures at Finca Madre Tierra, you will find engaging activities that bridge Nature’s wild dance and human endeavor.

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Our accommodations have been thoughtfully designed to inspire and delight.  Their alpine architecture features strokes of Costa Rican flair to create charming retreats that showcase the spectacular cloud forest backdrop.  The hand-carved, locally crafted furnishings evoke the bespoke warmth of our hospitality while planet-friendly amenities strengthen our connection to the land. 

Explore our diverse selection of rooms and suites to find the ideal option for your special Monteverde getaway.

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“Our room was spotless and very well appointed. The food and service were both top notch. The entire staff was polite and professional and very customer oriented. We must specially commend Jennifer and Chris for their warmth and caring attitudes. They made our stay perfect. We recommend this hotel without exception.”

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Eat + Drink

The culinary arts must entice all senses!  We want to wow you with flavors, aromas, colors, textures, and sizzle.  Our cuisine and mixology are elevated by a caring selection of fresh, sustainable ingredients that pay homage to Costa Rica's agrarian traditions.

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