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Inspiring and showcasing authentic culture is an integral aspect of Hotel Belmar's engaging hospitality. From the Art Residency program to live music, dance, and theater, as well as Pride celebrations, Belmar sets the stage for meaningful, expressive connections.

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Guest Perspective

“Staying at Hotel Belmar was a soul-enriching experience! Besides the breathtaking surroundings, their cultural programs filled my heart and helped me better grasp the nuances of Costa Rica as a destination. Choosing this property for more than just (amazing) nature was a fantastic decision.”

-Giuliana A

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Artist Residency

Hotel Belmar’s Art Residency is a visionary project that bridges the creative spark with Monteverde’s natural exuberance and the uniqueness of a travel experience.  Invitees from diverse artistic backgrounds engage in a dynamic process that involves the hotel’s human talent, its neighbors, and its guests.  The artist is encouraged to enjoy the area’s forest, eco-diversity, and daily flow.  All while immersed in a charming hospitality setting that elicits a sense of balance, elegance, and community.

The hotel’s spaces become a vibrant studio.  The artist influences visitors and staff and the latter two influence the artist’s output.  At the conclusion of the residency, a final exhibit punctuates the unique experience that captures the essence of raw nature and human connection.

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Rhythmic Tapestry

Live Music Events

Lose yourself in the living heartbeat of music at Hotel Belmar! We are excited to host live performances that echo the melodic tapestry of human experience. From intimate acoustic sessions to vibrant electronic DJ sets, each event is a celebration of life, diversity, and culture that resonates deeply with the soul. Our carefully selected artists transcend barriers, bridging cultural gaps and fostering understanding. Whether you dance, clap, sway, or sing along, join us in melodies that unite and inspire!

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Folkloric Dance Company

Our folkloric dance company embodies the living heritage of diverse cultures, breathing life into age-old traditions through captivating performances. The importance of folkloric dance lies in its ability to communicate stories, rituals, and history through movement. With each choreographed piece, our talented dancers pay homage to the roots of their cultural inheritance, ensuring that the vibrant tapestry of traditions remains intact. The dance company serves as a living museum, transporting audiences to the heart of cultural narratives and fostering an appreciation for the beauty embedded in every step.

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