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Savia Forest Inmersion

SAVIA crafts innovative adventures that engage raw nature, architecture, and science to highlight the holistic connection between the human soul and the forest.

A man riding a zip line in the middle of a forest.

About Savia

Relaunched in 2022, SAVIA entices a thrilling collection of curated experiences. Visits are led by a team of professional Mobility Experts in pursuit of an inspired purpose:  To let visitors explore the forest’s layered wonders in a heightened state of amazement.

Trails, gardens, platforms, suspension bridges, and other surprise elements prompt participants to continually shift gears and perspectives to kindle curiosity, adrenaline, and bliss.

Savia's mimetic architecture has an organic aesthetic that blends with the forest. Structures are bound to trees using high-tension ropes and bands in lieu of nuts, and bolts. Adventure elements include high-altitude viewing platforms, canopy-level hammocks, and the unique experience of climbing the hollow inside of a live Ficus Tree.

Five unique thematic treks are offered to enjoy this experience at different times of the forest’s day, from early birdwatching to nightfall expeditions.  Some focus on scientific research, others on eco-adrenaline, others on slow-paced relaxation high above the canopy while enjoying a specialty cocktail and nutritious snacks.  All to fulfill a promise of purpose-driven adventure!

A visionary project

Savia’s architecture is a marvel of low-impact organic design.  Its features perfectly blend in with the surroundings, creating shapes that mimic nature’s whimsical patterns.  Anchors and supports are tree-friendly and support a collection of bridges and climbing stations that offer alternative paths toward the top of the forest canopy. Savia’s versatility allows for a customized experience that caters to all!

Multisensory stimulation lies at the heart of Savia conceptualization. Surprise elements continually shift gears and perspectives to kindle curiosity, adrenaline, and wonder.  Zip-line connected viewing platforms, rappelling lines, hanging bridges, scientific research tools, special culinary offerings, herb gardens, and groundbreaking Curiosity and Chill Pods thread the expedition and elevate forest-bathing to the next level.

Don’t miss the unforgettable experience of climbing up the hollow inside of a tall Ficus tree. Tightly threaded branches create an upright sunlit tunnel that opens out into the heights. The ascent is exhilarating and the views from the top mesmerizing!

Savia Forest Inmersion

Sustainable experiences

Savia is the beautiful Spanish word for sap, the nourishing syrup that circulates within a plant’s vascular system. Its poetic sound echoes the word for wise woman… sabia. Savia is thus the perfect name for Hotel Belmar’s mold-breaking eco-immersion experience. The play on words is deliberate and befitting, because Savia is an engaging celebration of life force and its inextricable ties to the wisdom of nature!

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Finca Madre Tierra

As Hotel Belmar’s complement, Finca Madre Tierra cultivates and harvests the flavorful ingredients that elevate the hotel's culinary offerings. It is also the setting for intense horseback riding adventures and experiential interactions with sustainable farming.

Using the Bio intensive Agricultural Method, Finca Madre Tierra provides fresh herbs, organic vegetables, shade-grown coffee, artisanal cheese, free-range eggs, and seasonal favorites including avocado, guava, bananas, plantains, rose apples, and malanga root. Its impressive results are a product of aneco-farming approach that maximizes crop variety and yields on small-scaleplots through water conservation, the use of natural pest controls, and the organic enrichment of the soil. The intense, nutrient-rich bounty is enjoyed year-round by guests and the local community.

Finca Madre Tierra is the first agricultural project of its kind in Costa Rica toearn carbon-neutral certification.