Experience the most enchanting transition of the forest, from the captivating sunset to the deepening dusk, and into the early night. Witness the forest's rhythm, colors, sounds, and scents shift before you. Take a scenic stroll around SAVIA, then ascend to our canopy-level platform to behold the sunset's brilliant tableau. Pause for reflection and a smile before you venture into the forest's twilight.

Perks: Gourmet Snack and Beverage, Tree Top Canopy Exploration, Exploration Gadgets, Hanging Bridge, Sensorial Garden.

3:30 PM
4 hours (including transportation)

Sustainable experiences

Monteverde is our home.  Our connection to this magnificent land runs deep and inspires us to craft experiences that prompt communion with our surroundings.  From forest-immersions at SAVIA to agro-adventures at Finca Madre Tierra, you will find engaging activities that bridge Nature’s wild dance and human endeavor.

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