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Monteverde Community

Hotel Belmar is closely bound to the community in which it operates. The Belmars themselves have been integral members of the Monteverde community since 1982, when Monteverde was an even more remote, tight-knit community where participation and social interaction were hallmarks. Even though Monteverde has grown, the spirit of community is still very much alive, and it is what makes Monteverde such a special place.

Childcare and help in the community by the Belmar FamilyHotel Belmar gives frequent financial support as well as donations of staff time, goods, and skill shares to a number of local community projects with a focus on health, education, and infrastructure. Historically they include, to name a few, the founding of the Friends School Kindergarten, now a thriving bilingual school in the heart of Monteverde with some 125 pupils; an integral role in the founding of the Creative Learning Center, another bilingual school that forms a key educational pillar of the community; and, more recently, the donation of land for the construction of one of the community’s aqueducts.

Resources are offered for large-scale river cleanups, the annual Eco-Bike bicycle race, Fusionarte Dance Festival, the Monteverde Music Festival, health programs at the local clinic, and many, many other projects.

Children in the Monteverde communityHotel Belmar also employs and trains over 95% of its staff locally, giving opportunities to the local residents, and it makes sure to buy as many of its goods as possible from local providers to help the local economy.

We are certain that our success depends on the success of the local community, and therefore we are always happy to contribute in any way that we can.



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