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Our Yoga Experience in the Cloud Forest:
by Alba Vitta and Jake Tedrick

July 26, 2016 - Hotel Belmar - Wellness

Yoga in the cloud forest is a magical experience. In Hotel Belmar’s studio, mist sweeps by outside the panoramic window, as a mixture of locals and visitors filter in and find their places on the tropical hardwood floor. Mats are rolled out as birds twitter in the nearby trees. As the teacher lights a candle in the center of the floor, a coati makes his appearance. He’s meandering by the window, intent on his search for food. The teachers let everyone know that this coati is a regular visitor, and that if we pay attention, we may also witness an agouti mother and her two pups come by later on.


Class begins slowly, but steadily picks up intensity. A gentle breeze flows in through the windows, bringing fresh air to the studio, cooling down rising temperatures. Everyone focuses on their postures, immersing themselves in their practice, letting go of all stress in this serene, tranquil environment.


The class concludes with a final deep stretch, and the students settle in for their final Savasana. Class ends, and students head off to explore the surrounding forest, while some choose to sip a tropical fruit smoothie at the juice bar and enjoy the view from its deck. On sunny days, classes are held on the Yoga deck by the pond. Sunlight beams down from the blue sky as the forest comes to life. Dragonflies and butterflies wing by over the pond, occasionally dipping down to touch the water. A gentle gust of wind brings ripples to the water’s surface, and carries the smell of flowers from the surrounding gardens.

Fotos por: Irene Cerdas


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