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Couples vacation goals

February 21, 2020 - Hotel Belmar - Costa Rica

We take pride in many aspects of our hotel, like our sustainability practices, our carbon-neutral certification, our friendly staff, delicious fresh food, and a perfect combination of being in nature and comfort. We also take pride in being a great hotel for a couples vacation; whether you’re on your honeymoon, going to propose, celebrating an anniversary, or just taking some days off to be with each other, we are the perfect romantic getaway and here are a few reasons why:

Amazing Rooms

We are not kidding when we say we have the most comfortable beds you’ll ever sleep in; literally you’ll feel like inside a soft cloud. Each room has views to the forest or the Pacific Ocean in the distance (depending on the room you choose, you might even have an outdoor or indoor jacuzzi).

This sets the perfect romantic tone to order some drinks for a sunset or perhaps a bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries? We can make all that happen!

Belmar Experiences

Monteverde is known for birdwatching, forest hiking, and adventure tours and although we do offer those, we also like to give guests other kinds of experiences. For example, one of our guests’ favourites is our Farm to Table Experience, where you get a tour of our organic garden, pick your favorite veggies and herbs and our Chef will prepare a delicious healthy meal right in the garden. Our “Garden to Glass” experience offers you the chance to pick fresh herbs and edible flowers from the garden, and have our bartenders teach you how to prepare some crafty cocktails depending on your taste! If you’re more of a beer couple, then enjoy a tour to our microbrewery!

The tour to “Madre Tierra Farm” is a 20 minute ride from the hotel, where you will get to experience first-hand our production of coffee, cheese and free-range eggs. Madre Tierra is an amazing farm with beautiful sightseeing that you can enjoy either by foot or horseback, plus it is also carbon-neutral 😉
Finally, there is SAVIA, our newest experience, designed to give guests a very different journey through the forest, including vertical rope climbing to a 91 feet ficus tree, night tours, sensorial gardens and gourmet snacks and drinks to enjoy while immersed in nature.

Restaurante Celajes

Foodies? You have come to the right place, either breakfast, lunch or dinner you will learn that all our food is either produced in our garden, farm, or locally grown. All of our meat comes from local and free range farms, and our seafood is from the responsible fishing zone in the Nicoya Gulf. Besides that, we love to not only offer you exquisite dishes but also beautiful ones! From Restaurante Celajes you can enjoy the view to our pond and surrounding forest during breakfast, and lunch, or join us for “tico time” (our version of happy hour)* for stunning sunsets and drinks.

Other things to enjoy in the hotel

Visit our Chalet building next door where you will find our Tea Room and Juice Bar, a yoga room and our massage room. We offer different treatments and massages for couples! Treat yourself after with homemade tea blends, or maybe a refreshing superfood fruit smoothie.
We also recommend talking a small walk down to our pond, where you will most definitely see hummingbirds and other species around. You’ll pass our jacuzzi (perfect to relax once you walk back up) and our microbrewery to get to the pond, where you can soak up the sun, do some yoga or exercise, or simply enjoy your smoothie!

Belmar is truly a cozy romantic place to spend with your loved one, be it exploring and learning or enjoying a nice dinner or cocktails. And if the day is rainy and you don’t feel like coming out, order room service and spend the day in bed! We are here to make your vacation a unique experience 🙂

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