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Artist Residency

Find inspiration among the forest as an artist in residence atHotel Belmar

About The Residency

Hotel Belmar's Artist Residency Program offers local and international artists the unique opportunity to reside at our hotel for two to three weeks, providing a dedicated space for their creative work in our distinctive cloud forest location.

We welcome artists who share an interest in nature, Monteverde's cultural nuances, or the social dynamics of a hotel setting. Whether your medium is drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, performance, or any other form of artistic expression, our program is designed to accommodate diverse creative endeavors.

The unparalleled beauty and tranquility of the cloud forest environment will serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Artists will have the chance to conceive, develop, and exhibit their original works, drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings, the local community, and the transient nature of the hotel environment.

Application Process

Our application process occurs four times a year and is open to artists worldwide. We evaluate applications based on project feasibility, artistic quality, and alignment with our vision. Interviews may be conducted, and selected artists receive guidance and support for their stay.


Enjoy a comfortable artist's room with a private bathroom and abundant natural light. Benefit from reliable Wi-Fi, access to yoga classes, and nearby forest trails. Relish three daily meals, including traditional Costa Rican cuisine, plus a $150 stipend for additional dining.

Artist Studio

You'll have 24/7 access to a well-equipped work studio with stunning scenic views.

Transportation and Arrival

Our Artist Residency Director assists with transportation and orientation. Local artists meet on-site for orientation. Artists take charge of their residency plan with the director's support.

Exposure and Networking

We provide a dedicated online platform for the Artist Residency program, allowing you to share snapshots of your residency journey with your network, connect with followers, and reach potential collectors.

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Hotel Belmar is a gateway to Costa Rica’s cloud forest wonderlands. As the 37-year flagship hotel of the Monteverde region, this family-owned destination charms with spirited hospitality, enchanting views, unforgettable eco-adventures, delightful cuisine, and regenerative sustainability. It caters to mindful travelers who embrace nature’s transformative energy and unique experiences that elevate travel as a conduit for holistic wellness.

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