Culture of peace at Hotel Belmar

Is it possible to cultivate harmonious relationships in the workplace? Conflicts, even those of long standing duration, can be resolved if we are able to maintain a flow of communication in which we are able to get in touch with our needs, to hear the needs of others, and ultimately to realize the interdependence that exists between us […]

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Cultura de Paz en el Hotel Belmar

¿Es posible cultivar relaciones armoniosas en el ámbito laboral? Los conflictos, incluso aquellos de larga duración, se pueden resolver si logramos establecer una comunicación donde somos capaces de ponernos en contacto con nuestras necesidades, escuchar las necesidades del otro, y reconocer la interdependencia que existe entre nosotros y la persona con quien estamos en conflicto. No […]

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Al Mercat en Restaurante Celajes

                   El Restaurante Celajes del Hotel Belmar se enorgullece en recibir al chef invitado Jose Pablo González de Al Mercat, San José Costa Rica, para una colaboración muy especial. Acompáñenos la noche del 11 de julio para una cena de degustación de cuatro platos con un maridaje […]

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Nubosa, a Stout from the Cloudforest by Roberto Saenz

Nubosa, a Stout from the Cloudforest, is our featured beer at tonight’s Craft Beer Night, every Wednesday at Hotel Belmar I must admit, I am a huge fan of stout beers. This admiration of dark ales started with Guiness, but oh that was only the beggining, because then came my discovery of many more delicious creations […]

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Sandoor Katz Fermentation Workshop in San Jose, Costa Rica

by Chef Jeremiah Bullied Having read ‘Wild Fermentation’ years ago and more recently, ‘The Art of Fermentation’  last year,  I have been familiar with Sandoor Katz, the world’s foremost expert in lacto-fermentation, for some time now.  Imagine my surprise in my first few weeks in Costa Rica when my employer, Pedro Belmar, casually mentions that […]

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Chef Jeremiah Bullied of Hotel Belmar

Jeremiah Bullied, Hotel Belmar’s new chef from Montreal, Canada, has been specializing in farm to table cuisine for over a decade. He brings to Monteverde his experience with casual fine dining, alternative agriculture, and permaculture design.   ”A dish is only as good as the ingredients available to the chef,” says Jeremiah, “and when you have […]

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Restaurante Celajes vision on food – Q&A with Chef Arturo

Arturo –head chef of Restaurante Celajes- creates eclectic combinations of food that honor Costa Rican cuisine but also add strong international influences, especially French. He loves working with the farm-to-table experience because he believes that guaranteeing the freshness of every ingredient contributes enormously to the restaurant’s success. We recently interviewed him on the vision of […]

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CASEM Co-op: An Empowerment Model

Doña Nery Gómez displays some of the work of the members of CASEM at the reception desk.

CASEM Co-op is much more than just another souvenir shop. From my first contact with the manager, Doña Nery Gómez, I was welcomed to CASEM with kindness and enthusiasm, something I don’t always get when asking for interviews for stories. I walked down the hill from Hotel Belmar to CASEM on a bright and sunny […]

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The Hotel Belmar Pond Inauguration.


This January 18th the Hotel Belmar hosted a beautiful event to inaugurate its recently built dock, outdoor bar and concert space with a show by local musician Michelle J. Rodriguez as well as a community BBQ prepared by chef Arturo.  Using some of the best ingredients to be found locally, and with the help of […]

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Hotel Belmar Media Coverage


Check out some of the most recent Hotel Belmar press coverage! La Nacion, Costa Rica’s main newspaper, recently published an article in their supplemental section, “Somos Celebres”,  highlighting the recent changes in our Restaurante Celajes. “With objective of making Restaurante Celajes the premier gastronomical destination in Monteverde, the Hotel Belmar has relaunched Celajes by experimenting […]

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