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Hotel Belmar’s Artist Residency program offers artists four opportunities per year to join us as guests in the hotel for a two- to three-week stay. We welcome artists passionate about nature and the rainforest who work in drawing, painting, sculpture, writing and others, and who want a dedicated space for creative work in the midst of the cloud forest.


Open to national and international artists, the Artist Residency program is an extension of our vision to curate an inspiring stay for our guests, arousing artistic curiosity and cultivating the possibility for artists in residence to indulge their creativity with the inspirational beauty of our built and natural surroundings.

Aligned with our vision to preserve nature, support human wellbeing, and promote connection and collaboration through art and recreation, Hotel Belmar organizes local events for artists in residence to showcase their work and engage with our community through a series of workshops and exhibitions throughout their stay.

As we invest our resources and energy in our resident artists, we are proud to offer a meaningful platform for them to share their artwork with the Belmar staff, international clientele and local Monteverde residents. In turn, this relationship inspires our community to access the potential in their own creative energies, enhancing our belief that art is wonderfully beneficial for advancement of knowledge and community building through creative experimentation.

We will be featuring exciting snapshots from the Artist Residency program on our website, blog and social media, so be sure to connect with us for updates and events.


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