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Located in Costa Rica’s lush cloud forest and nestled in the mountaintops of the Monteverde Reserve, the venerable, world-renowned Hotel Belmar offers guests truly unique experiences full of natural wonder, elegance, and warm friendly service – all within an unprecedented sensitivity to the preservation of the environment. We call this experience The Art of Nature – a simple phrase that sums up our commitment to the exquisite and beautiful natural experiences our guests will enjoy during their time spent at Hotel Belmar.

With the coveted award for 5 levels of sustainability, Hotel Belmar’s commitment to the environment as well as the local community has been unyielding for over 30 years. Our guests will have a good night’s sleep knowing that we are looking out for the ecosystems and community they are exploring.

Recent upgrades to the hotel were completed in 2012 with the goal of evolving the Hotel Belmar experience into an even greater one. Our guests can expect a variety of exciting new room styles, features, and amenities designed for exclusive, unforgettable comfort and quality.


The Belmar Family

At the heart of the warm, personalized hospitality that characterizes Hotel Belmar, you will find the Belmar family. Vera Zeledon and her children, Pedro and Soledad, are ever present at the hotel. They personally attend to every need of its guests and are one of the key attributes that separate our hotel from others.


Hotel Belmar first opened its doors in late 1985. It was founded by Pedro Belmar and his wife Vera Zeledon, who settled in Monteverde after a decade long sojourn in Austria. It was in fact the centennial chalet guesthouses of Tirol that inspired the vision for Hotel Belmar. This inspiration can be seen to this day.

Hotel Belmar is one of the pioneers of tourism in Monteverde. As only the second hotel in the area, it has seen the town transform from a pre-tourism subsistence agricultural society to a thriving and modern eco-tourism destination. Hotel Belmar was key in this transformation, offering a new kind of employment that allowed for social mobility and an education in sustainability. Throughout its 28 years of existence, Hotel Belmar has shaped the lives of many and holds a special place in the collective memory of Monteverde residents.


Grounds & Trails

Two thirds of the hotel’s beautiful 3.5-hectare (9-acre) property is composed of pristine cloud forest, including a stream, waterfall, and pond. Our forest is home to many endangered species and was included in 2011 in the National Network of Private Preserves. It is also a part of the Bellbird Biological Corridor, a natural corridor to afor the communication of the lowland forests with the temperate cloud forest. The hotel has a short self-guided trail for guests to explore. Ave Del Sol – Trail Guide

Around the two chalets that compose the hotel, you will also find naturally landscaped gardens with luscious native plants, a vegetable and herb garden, and a beautiful spring water pond with a sun deck. Immersed in the cloud forest but with open views of the Pacific Ocean in the horizon, the Hotel Belmar is located on a truly privileged property.

Aside from the private trail in the hotel’s preserve, our property is located in the entranceway of a few other trails. The most notable of these is Cerro Amigos, which is the highest mountain in the entire region. On clear days you can see the Pacific, the Arenal Volcano, and sometimes even glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean.

*Please note that our Hotel DOES NOT have a swimming pool.


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