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In our efforts to preserve natural resources, the hotel has extensive water and electricity saving as well as waste reduction programs. These are some of our practices:

  • Air drying facilities to reduce the use of electric dryers
  • Skylights and ample windows throughout the buildings to maximize use of natural light
  • Solar panels for water heating
  • Energy saving light bulbs, presence-detecting lights, and photovoltaic lamps
  • High-tech showerheads that use 65% less water than conventional showerheads
  • Rain water harvesting
  • A biodigester to treat waste water and produce biogas for water heating
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, detergents, and soaps to care for the health of our staff members and guests and to avoid water and air pollution
  • Chemical-free lawns and gardens
  • Use of locally produced, organic goods to reduce our carbon footprint and to help the local economy
  • Recycling, composting, and reuse of containers, as well as sound purchasing policies to reduce solid waste
  • Carbon offsetting of our already low emissions

For more on our sustainability program and practices, see “Certificate for Sustainable Tourism.

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