Monteverde Attractions


Selvatura Canopy Tour

Protecting 88% of its area, Selvatura Park is a nature and adventure park with a wide variety of activities including: Canopy Tour, Treetop Walkways, Butterfly Garden, Insect Exhibition, Hummingbird Garden, Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition.

We highly recommend their Canopy ziplining tour. You will be flying through 15 cables and 18 platforms with an optional Tarzan Swing at the end of the adventure. Selvatura Park is one of the longest Canopy Tours in Costa Rica.

The tour usually takes between 2.5 and 3 hours and can be done by adventurers from ages 4 and older. It is a safe adventure for everyone although restrictions may apply.

Extremo Canopy Tour and Bungee

Featuring the longest, fastest ziplines in Monteverde, Extremo is for those who love adrenaline and high adventure. In addition to the Canopy Tour, Extremo offers superman cables, where you can fly through the forest in a horizontal position, and the highest bungee jump in Central America!

Finca Modelo Canyoning Tour

The ultimate adrenaline rush! The tour begins with a short hike with amazing views of the surroundings (on a clear day you can see from the Pacific to Lake of Nicaragua!), followed by a rappel down six different waterfalls and canyons. All six waterfalls are different, the tallest one measuring 40 meters (131 feet).

Sabine’s Smiling horses

Sabine, who speaks English, French, Spanish and German offers a variety of horse treks, from $ 15 US per hour to day trips to specialty tours including a Full Moon Ride. Several multi-day treks are also on offer. Sabine’s Smiling Horses is a true destination in Costa Rica.

 Natural History and Wildlife Observation Tours

Curicancha Wildlife Refuge

Curicancha protects some of the most beautiful portions of primary and secondary cloud forests adjancent to the Monteverde Preserve. Due to its smaller size and very strict admissions limitations, it is a great place for wildlife spotting and leisurly exploration of the cloud forest.  The Hotel offers a 3.5 hour guided walk with a professional naturalist guide. Includes transportation to and from the hotel, entrance fees and a stopover at the Monteverde Cheese Factory exhibition room.

The Santa Elena Preserve

Located high on the Caribbean slopes of the Cordillera de Tilarán (5, 000 feet, 1,500 m), the Continental Divide of Costa Rica, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the first community managed reserves in the country. With the help of Youth Challenge International, a Canadian Non-profit Organization, the Costa Rican government, and the Santa Elena Community, the Reserve officially opened in March 1992 with over 8km of trails. The hotel offers 3.5 hour tours leaving from the lobby with our own naturalist guide.  Includes transportation and entrance fees.

Santamaria Night Tour

Santamaria is a family run forest preserve and reforestation project . Due to its mix of open spaces and dense cloud forest, it is a great place to spot nightlife in Monteverde.  You will have a good chance of spotting  cloud forest mammals (which are primordially nocturnal) such as raccoons, armadillos, sloths, olingos, kinkajous, grey foxes;  as well as tarantuals, colourful frogs, sleeping birds and a large variety of insects.

Cultural and Agricultural Activities

El Trapiche Sugar Cane and Coffee Tour

El Trapiche (Spanish for sugar mill), is a Costa Rican family business offering two hour tours of their farm. On the farm you will see sugar cane, coffee, bananas, plantains, oranges, tubers and more. It is a good opportunity to learn about the traditional Costa Rican sugar mill and sugar extraction process. You will also get a chance to ride a Costa Rican ox cart and experience the process of making liquor out of the sugar cane. The tour ends with a fragrant cup of coffee from the farm.

Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate Tour

Experience the age-old coffee tradition through a unique tour of this local family farm.

Their specialized guides will point out the most important aspects of coffee from its harvesting to processing.  They’ll take you through the history of this crop from its beginnings in the Arab African countries and Ethiopia to the present, giving a special focus to the great importance this “golden grain” had on the social, cultural and economic development of Costa Rica.

CASEM (The Cooperative of Artisans,Santa Elena-Monteverde)

CASEM, the Cooperativa de Artesanas de Santa Elena y Monteverde, is a an artisan cooperative dedicated to enhancing the economic and social well-being of local women artists.

Situated within the heart of Monteverde, you will find locally produced handicrafts including decorative wall hangings, ceramics, clothes, bags, jewelry, toys and wood carvings. Definitely worth a visit.