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Finca Madre Tierra – Authentic Farm Experience

There’s a Farm Tour, then there’s this visit to an authentic, functioning farm that provides 100% of Hotel Belmar’s eggs, cheese and coffee and completes the lifecycle of the hotels most essential systems. Depending on what activities are happening on your day at the farm, you could be milking cows for the first time, watching the cheese get made that will be on your Celajes Pedrito sandwich, picking coffee beans that will wake you up or straining sugar cane for a sweet post-hike drink.


Along the walk around the farm, learn about how Hotel Belmar’s farm, Madre Tierra, was the first carbon neutral farm in the country and the Belmar family’s dedication to sustainability and preservation of the environment. Explore a farm with cows, pigs, goats, chickens and horses, then take a ride off into the sunset on a well-trained horse of your own if you so choose. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience perfect for couples or families that want an authentic farm experience while learning and exploring how the environment sustains us everyday!


Finca Madre Tierra – Organic Goods Experience

Curious where our delicious coffee, eggs, sugar cane, cheese and other goods are sourced from? Visit the Belmar farm, Finca Madre Tierra to explore how an organic, carbon-neutral farm operates, and how to work with our environment to produce sustainable and delicious food to nourish communities. Experience picking coffee beans, grinding sugar cane and eating a farm fresh snack on this unforgettable farm trip!


Finca Madre Tierra – Horseback Ride

Adventure through the Costa Rican countryside atop a well-trained horse with your loved one(s). At the Madre Tierra Farm, each horse is reared with respect, positive reinforcement and natural horsemanship techniques. Suitable for all skill levels, a bi-lingual guide will lead a group on horseback through the farm, over small streams and throughout the countryside. Sign up for an afternoon tour to literally ride off into the Costa Rican sunset!

caballo camino

Guided Nature Hike

This 3.5 hour guided hike through the lush and lively cloud forest trails is the highlight of many guests’ Monteverde experience. Our maximum group size of six helps guests avoid the crowds and feel immersed in nature. Led by Hotel Belmar’s english-speaking naturalist guide, this hike proves an excellent opportunity to explore Costa Rica’s plant and wildlife species while gleaning a better understanding for the rare and complex ecosystems alive in the cloud forest. Prices include transportation, entrance fee and multi-lingual guide.


Night Nature Hike

Starting just before sunset, explore local cloud forest trails as the daytime wildlife drift off to sleep, and the nocturnal species awake. Led by Hotel Belmar’s english-speaking naturalist guide, explore the symphony of sounds and spectacle of species from insects to birds to amphibians in the cloud forest after dark. Some guests have spotted rare frogs, bats, birds, spiders, snakes, raccoons, opossums, armadillos and sloths, but every 2.5 hours night hike is different depending on time of year and nature. Prices include transportation, entrance fee and multi-lingual guide.


Bird Watching Hike

This half-day tour occurs in the heart of the cloud forest during the peak feeding time for the birds in the area. Hotel Belmar’s experienced and english-speaking guide will choose the best trails according to the time of year and local reports, then guide bird-lovers through an experience likely to check a few more rare species off the list. The knowledge and know-how of our guides ensure that whether you are an expert ornithologist or an amateur bird watcher, you will enjoy your adventure through the lush Cloud Forest with birds chirping along the way.


Garden to Glass Cocktail Class

Whether a spirited novice or a seasoned cocktail connoisseur, our experienced bartenders will tailor your Garden to Glass experience to you. Starting out, enjoy craft cocktails made in front of you along with explanations of ingredients, mixology and how mixed drinks evolve into art. Then, grab a basket and explore Hotel Belmar’s private gardens to pick bitters and herbs to use in your very own concoction. Finish up at the bar enjoying your handmade cocktail and however many more drinks and bocas you’d like courtesy of Restaurante Celajes!


Belmar Experience Add-Ons

  • To-Go Meal from Restaurante Celajes
  • Bird-Watching Expert added to any hike
  • Photographer follow-along on any experience
  • Photography lesson added to any experience