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Natural History and Birdwatching Tour

The hotel offers a 3.5-hour guided walk through the beautiful trails of the primary forests of Curi-Cancha Wildlife Refuge. It is led by the hotel’s professional naturalist guide and is a great opportunity for wildlife spotting and for developing a greater understanding of the rare and complex ecosystems that are the Monteverde Cloud Forests.

Curi-Cancha, being the most secluded of the Monteverde reserves, offers guests the opportunity to see the cloud forest while avoiding the crowds.  Groups are a maximum of six people and leave the hotel at 7:45 every morning. Includes transportation and entrance fees.


Night Hike

Nighttime in the Monteverde Cloud Forest means the awakening of all the nocturnal wildlife that can only be witnessed once the sun sets. Learn about the symphony of sounds that emanate from the forest at night from various species of insects, birds, and amphibians.

There is also the possibility of spotting sloths, armadillos, possums, raccoons, bats, frogs, snakes, spiders, and more when they are most active. This 2.5-hour tours leaves the hotel lobby everyday at 5:15. Groups of 6 people maximum for an enhanced experience.


Sustainability Tour

The hotel offers complimentary tours of its sustainability program serveral times a week, upon request.

Tours are led by the hotel’s sustainability director and will take you to see our compost system,our biodigester, the artificial wetlands for water purification, our rain water harvesting tank, our organic garden and greenhouse, and the native plant gardens, among others.

You will also learn about the Certification for Sustainable Tourism, Bandera Azul, and our carbon neutral certification with EARTH University.  Sign up at the front desk or email


Organic Garden and Greenhouse Tour

The hotel also offers an in-depth  tour of its organic gardens, including its newly inaugurated greenhouse.

Learn about the biointensive gardening method and how we apply it in our greenhouse; the kinds of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs we grow on site; and how we yield the highest quality food for Restaurante Celajes while spearheading the ecological agriculture movement in Monteverde.

This is a great opportunity to learn tips for enhancing your home garden and will help you appreciate your dinner salad in Restaurante Celajes even more. Inquire about this tour with our front desk staff or email